• Review the mission and vision of the FitKids program
  • Discuss the concepts of wellness & personal choices
  • Identify why physical fitness is important to health

Classroom Activities:

  • Students introduce each other & discuss what they like to do for fun
  • Play the “Onion game”
  • Discuss the ‘‘job description” of a health care provider or pediatrician
  • Compare the workings of a car to the body
  • Discuss the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity
  • Perform “warm up” and “cool down” exercises


  • Complete daily physical activity calendars in classroom with teacher
  • Encourage regular exercise in family members

2 Sided weekly family newsletter:

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Exercise & Health | Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System | Tobacco Awareness
Gastrointestinal System | Nutrition Awareness
Brain, Muscle & Skeletal Systems
Web Links

LiveFIT NH is a NH Public Television community project to encourage healthy eating and physical activity in children and adults.

Encourages youth to lead healthy, active lifestyles by combining the fun of circus skills with stretching, strength building and aerobic exercise.

Fun games for kids and families to promote physical activity, healthy eating and self esteem.

Learn how to To increase and maintain physical activity among tweens (youth age 9-13)

Fun games and activities from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

Program encourages kids to walk. Kids log their miles to reach across New Hampshire and win raffle prizes.

Fit WIC Activities
Welcome to Fit WIC Activities, a book for parents and their preschoolers. Fit WIC Activities will help you foster your children’s health and development through active physical play.