Granite State FitKids
2300 southwood drive
Nashua, NH 03063

(603) 577-4400

Charles T. Cappetta, MD
Founded GSFK in 1997

Charles T. Cappetta, MD, FAAP- Chairman & Founder
Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Dartmouth Medical School Hanover, NH

Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Hanover, NH

Adjunct Faculty
Centers for Health and Disease Research - University of Massachusetts Lowell  Lowell, MA

Past President
NH Pediatric Society
American Academy of Pediatrics
NH Chapter


Current Facilitators:
  • Shelley Brennan
    Joined GSFK Staff in 2006
  • Susan Fanburg, MD
    GSFK Facilitator
    Joined GSFK in 2010

  • Melinda Walker
    GSFK Facilitator 2003-2005
    Rejoined staff 2010
  • Susie Black, BA Biology, MS Social Work
    Joined GSFK in 2012
  • Sharron Theberge
    Joined GSFK in 2013

Granite State FitKids was established in 1997 as a vehicle to help children learn about their bodies and how to take care of them. Through the dedication, the support and the awesome teaching of the following wonderful facilitators who have helped to keep the passion alive, we hope to pass the 30,000 mark by years end

The students, families, staff and communities all say thank you for all that you have done to enrich the lives of the leaders of tomorrow:

Granite State FitKids

Hall of Fame:

Marcy Brackett, RN


Cathy Lewis, RN


Joanna Theile, RN


Kathy Earley, RN


Judy Nicholson


Rosemarie Dykeman


Susan O’Keefe, RD


Melinda Richard


Kathy Perkins


Cindy Knipe, RD


Shelley Brennan


Pat Murdy


Elizabeth Kotyla, RD


Denise Burton


Mary Dopp


Peter Sebert


Wendy Boehm


Allison Henderson


Susan Fanburg, MD


Melinda Walker


Sue Nierendorf


Jill LaCroix


Susie Black


Sharron Theberge


Robin Katsalis





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