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Ledge St. School is once again honored and privileged to write this letter of appreciation in regards to the Granite State Fit Kids Program. We are in the final few weeks of this outstanding program which is led by Dr. Charles "Chuck" Cappetta and his team of classroom teachers. This program continues to be one of the best and most efficiently run and meaningful experiences we offer to our students in the fourth grade science curriculum. Fit Kids had helped out Ledge St. School students understand their bodies and develop an appreciation for good nutrition and physical fitness. Given the continued increase in childhood obesity as well as in adults, this program is more important than ever at this time in our society. We applaud the continued dedication of Dr. Cappetta and his outstanding staff. In deep and great appreciation, our PTO will once again be asked by this school administration to send another donation to help support this outstanding program. We look forward to another partnership with the Granite State Fit Kids Program for the school year 2008-09.

Charles J. Katsohis (Principal) and the Fourth Grade Students and Teachers

Wow! I have nothing but glowing remarks about the Granite State Fit Kids Program. In our third year, Dr. Cappetta and his Fit Kids staff have been nothing short of brilliant in their support of our teachers, parents and students. We applaud their efforts in educating our students about the human body systems, the importance of maintaining their health and living a healthy lifestyle. Student health is at the forefront of problems facing our youth today and programs like this help provide the necessary knowledge to take positive steps in correcting unhealthy behavior, which will not only benefit our students now, but later in life.

I would recommend this program without hesitation to any principal that wishes to implement a quality program within their building. I plan to ask for Fit Kids to continue at both Library Street School and Dr. H.O. Smith School for years to come.

Scott G. Baker, Principal

Hollis Upper Elementary School has participated in Dr. Chuck Cappetta's Granite State FitKids program for 10 wonderful years! FitKids is a fun, interactive program that truly supports our efforts to help students and staff focus on healthy choices and personal wellness. We are very fortunate to be a part of this engaging program.

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal

We think FitKids is phenomenal! It certainly gave us more of an awareness of putting additional exercise into our son, Ryan's life. As a result, we started Ryan on an easy, fun jogging program. We have a 1 mile course around the high school (flood lit on winter evenings). Several nights a week, as a family, we run/walk the mile with him. There have been times when he's said to me, "you know, I was in a really crummy mood -- and being out here has made all of the difference". He's realizing that exercise affects his mood.

Eliza, George and Ryan LeCours

Thank you for working with my daughter, Riley Hollenberg (4th grade Conant-Rumford Elementary School in Concord) and her classmates this spring.  I have enjoyed reading the information that you sent home with Riley and hearing from her about the topics that you discussed.  She missed one session due to a well-child check up and was very disappointed!  And, her plastic-bottle “lung” is displayed prominently on her dresser in her room.   I really appreciate your efforts and the efforts of your team of facilitators to impart the importance of health and wellness, as a way of life.  As a family, we endeavor to make good choices with our food and stay active all year round.  This is a challenge for me – as a mom – when there are so many unhealthy options and choices being made around my kids.  It’s great to have had help from Granite State Fitkids.

Rorie Hollenberg


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