Granite State Fit Kids


  • Discuss the “Tree of Influence” homework
  • Learn the negative effects of tobacco use
  • Identify the consequences of tobacco use
  • Understand nicotine addiction
  • Identify chemicals found in tobacco products
  • Talk about the power of the media/advertising and exposure to nicotine

Classroom Activities

  • Listen to the heart and lungs before and after exercise
  • Examine the “Tar Jar”
  • Play the “What If” game to identify consequences of tobacco use
  • Summarize “body maps” and make team presentations


  • Create tobacco awareness posters for display in school
  • Complete daily physical activity calendars in classroom

2 Sided Weekly Family Newsletter



Web Links
Smoking stinks! Information on why smoking is bad for you.
Helpful resources for parents or caregivers who want to stop smoking.

Tobacco Resources OnLine – Fact Sheets 

 Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire

Information on Vaping E-Cigarettes

Vaping E-Cigarettes

Vaping Unveiled – Resources
Students learned how tobacco products
affect the body and why to never use them. 

The Real Cost Of Vaping
The FDA’s view of The Real Cost Of Vaping

Quit Vaping – Resources for kids

Breathe NH – Vaping Unveiled Content Outline Fall 2020

Watch a small video clip on todays lesson plan: (If you cannot see the video, CLICK here to download it)